Dirtwork/ Excavation


Site Preparation

Need professional site prep? Whether its building a home, business, drive way, parking lot or small structure, the first step toward construction starts here. Our experienced team is ready to take on your dirty work.


T & L ‘s skilled personnel can always be counted on to clear your site, whether you need the entire site cleared or just a portion of it.¬†Taking down abandoned or demolished structures as well as any nearby debris is also a part of this process. Our crew is capable of removing natural or artificial features from your property, and for your protection, we are licensed and insured.

Excavation and Grading

In order to construct an in-ground pool, sprinkler or irrigation system, plumbing lines, oversized landscape features, or to lay the foundation for a new outbuilding on your property, excavation work is certainly necessary. After that process, you need to grade effectively; otherwise, you run the risk of compromising the safety of both the project you are working on and the nearby property. Don’t sacrifice your investment and property’s safety, give us a call today.¬†